Becoming an Approved Agency

Vance’s Law Enforcement is dedicated to serving the law enforcement community. Because of this commitment, Vance’s Law Enforcement has made it easier for you and your officers to get the gear you need.

What are the benefits?

  1. Purchase restricted items like badges and body armor
  2. Bill Orders to the agency
  3. Request quotes for large orders
  4. Receive agency pricing benefits on some items
  5. Individual account representatives
  6. Approve your officers allowing them to purchase restricted products
  7. Restrict officers to purchasing only items approved by your agency
  8. Create product lists, for purchase
  9. Add remove and manager your agency officers information
  10. Many other features exist and more are to come

Who qualifies as an agency?

Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies and officers qualify. Active Military personnel, National Guard, Coast Guard, and reserves also qualify. Groups like fire departments, rescue teams, and security companies may also qualify for agency pricing and restricted item purchasing.

Does Vance’s LE offer agencies discounted pricing?

Since our primary customer is the law enforcement and public safety community, much of our pricing already reflects our best available price. As an approved agency, you would automatically be eligible for any extended discounts and contracted prices. If you are looking to order larger quantities or any specialty items, Click here to request a quote.

How do I get approved?

The process is easy. Contact us to create a username and password and fill out the required information on that page. Once Vance’s Law Enforcement has approved the application you will have all the benefits of any approved LE agency. Approval may take up to 2 business days.